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Chocolate Book Tag!


I’m really excited to take part in the Chocolate Book Tag! Confession: I’ve only ever done one of these before so bear with me, I’m a bit rusty. But I had to participate because as a lover of chocolate, it would be disrespectful not to *chews Lindt* ❤

I was tagged by the lovely Kayla @kdrewthebookworm. Her blog is quite lovely and awesome! Go check her out! Many thanks, Kayla!!

Let’s start!

Dark Chocolate: A book with a dark theme/content.

I haven’t read this yet! I know, but it sounds dark. A Princess bent on revenge? A forbidden romance? Sounds bittersweet to me!



White Chocolate: A light-hearted/humorous read.

Disclosure: I haven’t read any of the The Paper Princess series so I didn’t understand the amazingness which is an Erin Watt novel. Drama. Bad boys with hearts of gold. Strong heroine. Steamy kisses. Maybe not so much of a laugh out loud story, but it definitely a lot of fun!

Milk Chocolate: A book with a lot of hype that you are dying to read.

Yeah, no surprise here. I know this book has been out for a bit now, but I’m afraid to say that I haven’t read the second book. Don’t judge me. But with all the hype for this one, I’m extremely motivated to catch up!


A Wafer-Free KitKat: A book that surprised you lately.

I picked this up on a whim and am so glad I did! I loved the classic and simplicity of this plot. A horrific beast rampaging the kingdom. A hunt decreed to all the expert hunters and the prize oof marrying a Princess. I’ll be writing a full review of this one soon, so stay tuned!

Snickers: A book you are going nuts about.

Since the moment I heard about this book, I was dying to read it! I picked up a copy and it didn’t fail to disappoint. Diverse characters, and an excellent portrayal of second generation family expectations vs. reality. Plus it was super sweet! Swoon worthy!


Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallows: A comfort read that you turn to again and again.

Juliet Marillier is one of my favourite authors. She has a way with words that utterly squeezes your heartstrings tight enough to allow you to keep reading on. A curse, an evil sorceress and a heroine with humble courage. Highly recommend but be warned: it’s adult fantasy so some scenes are explicit.

Box of Chocolates: A series that has something for everyone.

Seriously, what else could it have been? With summer around the corner, I’ll be rereading the entire series! Because that’s a thing for me 🙂



Now it’s my turn to tag some fellow bloggers! *evil laugh*


Kristina @MyTinyObsession

Mandy @_bookprincess_

Jessica @eternal.escapist

No pressure to participating in this tag if you don’t feel up for it! Or if you’ve already done it, don’t sweat it! If you do partake in the tag, I’m excited to see your answers and hope you have fun! 🙂

Have you read any of the above? Which ones would you choose for your favourite chocolate flavour? Feel free to say or leave a hello!

Happy Sunday reading, friends!


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Book Tag!

  1. Thanks so much for doing this, and I’m so sorry for being so late to see your post! (High school…😟) I loved reading your answers! I can’t wait to read When It’s Real, and I really enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi as well!😄


    1. No worries about the delay! It took me a bit to get to anyways! It was a lot of fun to write, and I just finished When Dimple Met Rishi. ❤ Uber cutes, and perfect for summertime. I really recommend it!:D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooooh, this tag was so much fun to read! I haven’t seen it around a lot, but it’s so cute! Loved reading your answers. 🙂 I’ve been soooooo excited to read When Dimple Met Rishi, and I’m so glad that you totally enjoyed it. I can’t wait until I get mine sometime this week. And I can’t wait to see your review of the Wendy Higgins book. I keep seeing it around and I’ve seen so many reviews of it that I’m eager to see your final thoughts on it. It sounds so good! Wonderful tag, and thanks so much for tagging me! I can’t wait to do it! 😀 Great post!! 😀


    1. Yay!! I’m so glad, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think of When Dimple Met Rishi/ The Great Hunt! Would love to hear a second opinion on them 🙂


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